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Photograph: Courtesy Young Master

The new release introduces three ready-to-drink cocktails with innovative spins

One of Hong Kong’s most popular craft breweries, Young Master Brewery, has launched a new line of products that expands outside of their original craft beer range. The new release, HigherThan, sees three ready-to-drink highball-style cocktails incorporated with classic Asian flavours that are just as fun, relaxed, and free-spirited as Young Master’s brand identity.

Iron Goddess Tea highball
Photograph: Courtesy Young Master

The Iron Goddess Tea Whisky Highball is the brewery’s take on the well-loved combination of Chinese tea and whisky. Mixing king grade iron goddess tea with whisky from the Scottish highlands, this timeless combo creates a flavour profile that’s full of deep, earthy notes and has a floral, aromatic scent.

Salted Lime highball from Young Master's Higherthan collection
Photograph: Courtesy Young Master

Inspired by salty lime soda, a typical cha chaan teng beverage in Hong Kong, the Salted Lime Highball takes salt-cured limes and combines them with cane sugar and organic vodka. Together, this crushable highball has an addictive tang with a refreshing minerality that leaves you wanting more.

Young Master's Mala Mule highball cocktail
Photograph: Courtesy Young Master

Completing the trio of highball cocktails, the Mala Mule contains organic vodka, fresh ginger, lime, cane sugar, and a selection of Sichuan spices. Starting out sweet, this highball lulls you in with its lime and ginger flavours, but like its name, this highball has a light kick towards the end thanks to those tongue-tingling mala spices.

Now available for purchase online and at select locations such as Marketplace by Jasons, the HigherThan line will set you back $120 for a six-pack (two cans of each flavour), $240 for a 12-pack (four cans of each flavour), and $480 for a 24-pack (eight cans of each flavour). The cocktails will also debut in Singapore in June and later this summer in the US.

Source: Young Master Brewery launches a new line of highballs inspired by Asian flavours