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Wingstop Flavour Remixes Box Bundle (Photo: Wingstop)

Wingstop, a chicken wings joint known for their incredible variety of flavours, is launching three secret flavour remixes today.

We tried out all three flavours, and here’s what we think of them.

Our favourite of the lot, the Cajun BBQ, is intense with earthy and deep flavours made by combining Hickory Smoked BBQ and Cajun seasoning used in the top-selling flavour Louisiana Rub. Best taken with the Boneless Wings, it’s savoury and umami, with a slight hint of bitterness at the end that is curious, but not at all unpleasant.

Wingstop took the tang of Texas Buffalo to the vibrant zing of the Lemon Pepper seasoning, to create a truly mouth-puckering and saliva-inducing combo. The Buffalo Lemon is all about zest and spice, so those with an inclination for food such as hot and sour soup may find this to their liking.

Think Garlic parmesan wings with Wingstop’s iconic Lemon Pepper, and you’ll get the buttery goodness of Lemon Parmesan. It’s the easier to go through of the lot, without the heaviness of cheese and further lightened by the zestiness of the lemon. The leftover residue on the finger is – dare I say it? – finger-licking good.

Wingstop’s limited time menu is available from 15 November 2021 to 15 February 2022 only. Opt for two out of the three flavours at S$12.95, which comes with 4 Classic Wings, 4 Boneless Wings, 1 Large Voodoo Fries, 1 ranch dip and a regular drink.

Or, try all three flavours with the Flavour Remixes Box Bundle at S$40.95, which comes with 8 Classic Wings, 16 Boneless Wings, 1 Large Voodoo Fries, 1 Curly Fries, 1 Large Seasoned Fries, 3 ranch dips and 3 regular drinks.

Source: Wingstop launches 3 remixed flavours for its chicken wings