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Olivia Rodrigo was seen with a glass of Swig, the home of dirty soda (Image via @oliviarodrigo and @swigdrinks)

Dirty soda is the latest food item to take over TikTok’s FYP section. The drink was spotted in an Instagram post by Olivia Rodrigo, leading it to go viral on the app.

This is not a new phenomenon, as food eaten by celebrities tends to go viral among fans. Oprah’s french toast, Kylie Jenner’s instant ramen noodles, Hailey Bieber’s pizza toast and Gigi Hadid’s vodka pasta are examples of these viral trends.

Dirty soda originates from Utah

The drink is a concoction of fountain sodas mixed with cream, flavored syrups and other flavorings that became a rage in Utah during the mid-2010s. It is similar to Italian sodas, which combine flavored syrups with club soda but are created with flavored soft drinks like Coke or Sprite.

Credit for its popularity in the state can be attributed to Mormons. Utah has a fairly large Mormon community, and the religion prohibits the consumption of alcohol and caffeine by its followers.

In the picture from December 2021, Rodrigo holds a cup from Swig, a soda shop specializing in making dirty sodas. It offers an extensive list of mocktails, including Naughty & Nice, made from Dr Pepper, English toffee, and fruity flavors like the Beach Babe, which mixes Mountain Dew with raspberries, peaches and vanilla cream.

TikTokers are sharing recipes to make dirty soda at home

The trend includes users giving out their favorite recipes for the beverage or testing others’ recipes for the drink.

One of the most popular recipes mixes a cup full of ice with Diet Coke. Then add a generous pour of vanilla creamer and mix until the drink turns into a brown slurry. It tastes similar to a cola float.

Source: What is the dirty soda trend on TikTok? Olivia Rodrigo promotes unconventional beverage, making it viral