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Pineberries actually do exist. They look like albino strawberries or like photoshopped strawberries. They are very rare & the majority of commercially grown fruit are destined for high-end restaurants. As such, not many people have had the pleasure of tasting these very rare berries. That is why we have developed a genuine pineberry flavour that can be customized for most applications.

Pineberry flavour description: Initial evident red sweet strawberry flavour that has subtle pineapple fruit notes that appear. It is a mysterious & unique profile of mixed berries & tropical fruit.

Make your application trendy with a Novotaste pineberry flavour. Request a sample today!

Monin Announces Strawberry Rose as 2021 Flavor of the Year

Strawberry flavoured…

Have you ever tried a pineberry, mangoberry or guavaberry?