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Photo: Wall’s Ice Cream (Website)


You may be familiar with their original Vienneta Ice Cream, which comes in a box and is more of a cake that’s meant to be shared. Well, this item is a smaller- more accessible version with the same flavours! They both feature 100% Japanese milk as their main ingredient and high-quality milk chocolate on top! Their wavy design makes the Ice Cream more delicate and airy, giving it a pleasant texture!

Here are the two flavours available:

Image: Wall’s Ice Cream (Website)

The peach flavour is Wall’s introduction to their repertoire’s more exotic and refreshing tastes. In line with the Japanese theme, they chose peach as one of Japan’s most beloved fruits. It has a light pink hue and is contrasted nicely with dark chocolate.

Photo: Wall’s Ice Cream (Website)

This version of the ‘Mini’ Viennetta Ice Cream is simply classic. It has a soft texture. however, it still holds its shape rather well! The vanilla flavour lends itself greatly to the high-quality milk, and it is not too overpowering. This flavour is a perfect balance!

While simple, both flavours are perfect for something so delicate and smooth! Also, this Ice Cream is perfect for a sunny day- especially here in Singapore!

Head Down To Your Nearest 7-Eleven Today!

Do take note that this item is limited and it will probably run out fast based on the brand’s popularity! The Wall’s ‘Mini’ Viennetta Ice Cream is available at 7-Eleven stores islandwide. However, you should check local supermarkets as they may have it in stock as well!

Cover Photo: Wall’s Ice Cream (Website), @accidentalnomad (Instagram)

Source: Wall’s NEW ‘Mini’ Viennetta Ice Cream Available Now At 7-Eleven Islandwide! – Singapore Foodie