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Passion: We promote working with passion as we feel that this is key to developing optimal solutions that will satisfy culinary, scientific, and regulatory requirements. Passion is the mother of all solutions.

Service: Our team of specialists will work closely with our clients in order to develop flavour solutions that will satisfy all their needs. We will provide our clients with an optimal degree of flexibility by maintaining reasonable minimum thresholds of orders while achieving quick lead times. Our dedicated professionals will always be ready to provide the highest levels of customer service.

Integrity: We will maintain our efforts in providing our customers with the most relevant and highest levels of certification. We will pursue and apply the most rigourous standards of analysis for our raw materials, which will ensure a maximum stability of our products.

Innovation: Our technical and marketing teams strive to provide our clients with constant new flavour solutions. This will be achieved through a joint proactive approach that will enable us to stay abreast of the latest market trends. Innovation is a major part of the Novotaste culture.

Respect: We respect and value the cultural diversity of our employees. We also understand that Novotaste’s strengths are founded on their commitment and skills.