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Canada is known to have a mosaic diversity of cultures & corresponding flavours. While there are established traditional & popular profiles that are enjoyed by most Canadians, they are constantly being adapted to new trends & cultures.

We have listed a variety of flavours that represent the past, the present & the future Canadian taste profiles.

Contact us for more ideas that we can customize for your application.

Traditional profiles

Maple syrup

Saskatoon berry

Nanaimo bar

Butter tart

Evolving tastes

Haitian figgy duff

Syrian tourtière

Inuit bloody ceasar

Ketchup chip à la française

Sucre à la crème Africain

New & trendy

Canadian lumberjack spruce beer

Mexican beaver tail

Smoked & whiskey barrel-aged maple syrup

Blueberry, sea buckhtorn berry & rhubarb pie