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If we’re being honest, a lot of artificial flavors are mysterious. Even the best trained palates may have spent years believing the green gummy bears to be apple flavored. (They’re allegedly strawberry.) Candy corn layers are a whole thing. And everybody knows “red” is in the eye, or rather, mouth, of the beholder. It’s all just fun to debate and it’s even more entertaining when these mysteries are made official.

Twizzlers new mystery flavor is the latest taste teaser to hit the market, according to Delish. It appears to have retained its signature twisty texture and come packaged in those familiar plastic bags just big enough to share, but small enough to sneak into the movies. The only possible clue is the puzzling chew’s hue: it’s purple rather than that classic Twizzler red. Delish points out that, given the color, grape might be a prudent guess, though the possibilities are numerous. Why not plum, fig, blackberry, or even merlot? Only time will tell what tasting notes are twisted within.

How much time, we aren’t exactly sure. Delish tracked it down here, but Twizzlers mystery flavor packs do not appear to be widely available elsewhere. Thrillist has reached out to Hershey’s (Twizzlers’ maker) for more information and we will update when we hear back.

Source: Twizzlers ‘Mystery Flavor’ Releasing Soon: What Will It Taste Like? – Thrillist