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For this upcoming Christmas season, the Novotaste flavour team was inspired to do something a little different. Due to the increasing culinary trend of deconstructing recipes or dishes, we decided to breakdown popular foods, beverages & dishes into their specific notes. We then reconstructed the flavours with different complimentary notes, inspired by current flavour trends.

The resulting flavours will surely make you feel like its Christmas, but with a trendy twist. Contact us for a flavour sample customized for your applications.

Trendy flavors for Christmas

Novotaste's deconstructed & reformulated Christmas flavour favourites

Gingerbread 2.0

Organoleptics: Jamaican ginger beer mixed with caramelized granny smith apples & evident pie crust notes. A hint of artisanal gin & green tea.

Eggnog 2.0

Organoleptics: Evident 100 year old porto, orange blossom & smoked oak notes. With additional creamy vanilla, gentle egg & honey taste.

Fruit cake 2.0

Organoleptics: Evident caramelized tropical notes composed of guava, pineapple & mango. Mixed in with maple, butter, maple syrup, cardamom & gentle jalapeño.

Mulled wine 2.0

Organoleptics: An intricate blend of grapes, mandarins & blueberries & oak. Undertones of pumpkin spices with gentle buildup of tannins & heat

Candy cane 2.0

Organoleptics: Dominant peppercorn & menthol. Undertones of vanilla, honey, basil & anisette.

Oranges & clove 2.0

Organoleptics: Dominant blood orange, yuzu & Persian lime with hints of clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla & maple.

Carrot cake 2.0

Organoleptics: Dominant brown notes reminiscent of pumpkin spice cake crossed with carrot cake containing acai berries. With additional rum & red wine notes with a gentle buildup of carrot & heat.

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