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After being introduced to the market in 2020, HI-CHEWTM Fruit Combos, featuring Tropical Smoothie and Piña Colada, quickly became a fan-favorite. HI-CHEWTM  is once again adding more double-layer flavor fun to the mix with a new Fruit Combos Standup Pouch. The latest offering takes inspiration from your favorite exotic beverages that many know and love, with the addition of the 2020 HI-CHEWTM  Flavor Games Champion flavor – Strawberry Lemonade! The arrival comes just in time as lemonade flavors are gaining popularity. With juicy strawberry on the outside and lemon on the inside, these flavors are layered together to bring the summer classic to life for a third flavorful experience. The three flavors in the new Fruit Combos Standup Pouch come together and provide your taste buds with an escape to paradise.

“In 2020, we hosted the Fantasy Flavor Games, where consumers selected Strawberry Lemonade as the new offering they’d like to see released in the U.S,” said Tatsuya Takamiya, Chief Marketing Officer of Morinaga America, Inc. “We are thrilled to be able to launch this flavor in our new Fruit Combos Stand Up Pouch, which perfectly compliments Tropical Smoothie and Piña Colada.The three refreshing flavors tap into consumers’ excitement for tropical beverages and we’re looking forward to seeing the response to the fan-chosen flavor.”

The addition of Strawberry Lemonade adds to the brand’s ever-expanding flavor offerings. With a passion for flavor, HI-CHEWTM continues to conduct extensive research to develop the ideal flavors for the American consumer, exploring palate preferences and evolving trends. In 2008, HI-CHEWTM was first introduced to the United States market with only 5 flavors available for purchase. Today, HI-CHEWTM  is available in 27 flavor offerings. This year alone, the fruity-chewy candy brand released 6 innovative flavors which demonstrates HI-CHEW’s immense growth with the American audience. With nearly 1 billion pieces of HI-CHEW™ enjoyed each year, consumers can’t get enough of the fruity-chewy candy brand.

Source: Transport Your Taste Buds with the New HI-CHEW™ Fruit Combos Stand Up Pouch