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Videos on TikTok showing how to mix jam and sparkling water or hard seltzers to create cocktails have started to go viral boosting the trend.

In a video posted on 2 May, Kat Chao, known as katchaomeow on TikTok, replicated the mocktail and cocktail drink originally shared by TikTok user jocelyn.mp4 using raspberry lychee preserves and a can of lime LaCroix.

“This combo sounds like a dream, so let’s try it,” said Chao who the began mixing up the drink. In a later video, Chao then added a shot of vodka to the drink to upgrade it to a cocktail.

The original recipe for the TikTok cocktail included: one can of sparkling water and a scoop of jam, making it a simple serve for any curious at-home experimenters.

According to other users on the platform, the flavour combinations are endless, but many suggest that if it’s your first time trying the drink, stick with your favourite flavoured seltzer and strawberry jam or something else simple like citrus-flavoured sparkling water and marmalade.

As per the videos, a spoonful of jam is added to a mason jar filled with ice then pour the sparkling water and stir, letting the ice break down the jam.

To take the experiment a step further, others are now adding a squeeze of lemon juice to make the “jam water” more tart as well as suggesting that a few springs of mint can be used as a garnish to dress the drink and flavour it further.

See how Chao mixes her “jam drinks” in the video below. For those interested in the recipe, or trying their own concoctions, here are the basics.


1 heaping tablespoon of your jam of choice
1 can sparkling water
Ice cubes (optional)
Squeeze of lemon (optional)


Fill a glass with ice.
Add a heaping spoonful of your favourite jam.
Crack open a can of sparkling water and pour it over the jam.
For a cocktail, use hard seltzer instead of sparkling water or add a splash of vodka to the drink.
Using a spoon or straw, stir the jam until it has fully dissolved into the sparkling water.

Source: TikTok’s jam and sparkling water drinks trend goes viral