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In response to soaring demand for its first Keto Protein Bar, think!, the high protein snack brand, expanded its keto offering with the introduction of two decadent new flavors: Chocolate Mousse Pie and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough. think! Keto Protein Bars have drawn rave reviews, high interest, and strong repeat sales as a delicious, low sugar, low carb experience. The new flavors, along with the bar that started it all – Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie – are now available on and Amazon.

“We’ve received tremendous response to our first think! Keto Protein Bar and our team is thrilled to expand the offering with new flavors that provide the delicious taste and high-quality ingredients people expect,” said Perri Gordon, vice president and GM for Glanbia Performance Nutrition’s Healthy Lifestyle Brands.

“We launched think! Keto Protein Bars over a year ago and they attracted immediate interest. Excellent reviews (4.9/5 stars), incredible demand, and outstanding repeat sales showed us that we had achieved something special with our Keto Protein Bars. They truly taste like a treat that melts-in-your mouth, while delivering high protein and keto low carb, low sugar values,” added Gordon.

think! Keto Protein Bars offer 10 grams of protein, only one gram of sugar, are gluten free, keto certified and 180 calories or less.

Whether you follow a keto diet or just want a low carb protein bar that tastes terrific, think! Keto Protein Bars are designed for you. think! stands for all types of strength and works to create products that give you the fuel to do what you love. think! invites you to try the Keto Protein Bars and taste for yourself.

Source: think! Expands Keto Protein Bars With New Flavors