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A bag of Fancy Fluff cotton candy appears in this image from May 2021. (Spectrum News 1/Todd Boatwright)
With the flick of the wrist Jessica Halich spins a sweet treat. But this is no ordinary cotton candy.

“We make our own cotton candy using organic sugar, natural flavors, and we use a little bit of artificial color. But we keep it light on that, “ said Halich.

Halich started her company Fancy Fluff as a way to one-up classic cotton candy.

“It was just sort of sickening sweet and sort of phony tasting. And I thought for sure I could make a better cotton candy, something natural and delicious, not so sweet and overwhelming,” she said.

Enter Fancy Fluff’s vegan version with no refined sugar. There are more than 70 flavors to temp the tastebuds.

“We try to do at least two new flavors a year to just kind of spice it up, change it up. Guava is one of my favorite flavors,” said Halich.

Halich also serves up a triple-decker sweet sampler.

“So you get to taste a little of all the flavors that we offer,” said Halich.

When it comes to all those flavors, Halich takes her cue from some unlikely places.

“I get inspired all the time from restaurants and bars. And I like a lot of different foods from different cultures. Just kind of play with what’s around me,” said Halich.

And whether it’s at a wedding or a kids’ event, Halich says serving up smile after smile is all worth it.

“That’s my favorite part when they’re like, ‘Wow! This is so good. I’ve never had anything like this!'” she said.

Source: Texas entrepreneur puts a unique spin on cotton candy