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Irene Iborra tells tales with ice-cream and with a single lick she can summon up memories that send you spinning back to your childhood days. “When I opened Mamá Heladera in 2021 I thought: how can taste provoke memories and how can I find what these tastes are?” she said.

“The obvious thing was to ask, so I created a Google doc and asked around 100 local people for the tastes and smells that reminded them of their childhood.”

…she agreed to attempt to evoke the aromas of maple syrup, snow and pine needles that accompany the early spring Québécois ritual of sugaring off, when children are taken to the maple woods and given a small metal tray packed with snow to collect the season’s first crop of syrup. As it hits the snow it solidifies to form a sort of maple toffee.

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Source: Tasting memories: the Spanish ice-creams serving a scoop of nostalgia | Spain | The Guardian