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German-headquartered spice expert Raps is tapping into the demand for flavors from the Far East with its liquid seasonings launch. Designed to provide “an ideal basis for creative convenience dishes,” the company says the condiments impress with authentic spices from Japanese and Korean cuisines and fresh, intense flavor profiles.

The seasonings can be used to spice up fish, meat, vegetable and noodle soup dishes and stews without requiring additional flavoring.

Asian food concepts trending
According to Raps, traditional Asian food stalls have been an integral part of the food culture in Germany for some time.

Dishes such as ramen, the typical Japanese noodle soup, are particularly trendy among younger generations.

That’s why the Culinary Excellence team at Raps has developed a product range that provides a liquid basis for new flavor combinations, the company states.

The liquid seasonings are also suitable for the European interpretation of Far Eastern classics, prepared with authentic ingredients of the highest quality.

The liquid seasonings are also suitable for the European interpretation of Far Eastern classics.The Japanese ramen taste is provided by “Chicken Ramen” and “Beef Ramen” seasonings, refined with soy sauce, ginger and fish sauce.

Three of the five new products are vegan and can be labeled accordingly. The flavor of “Teri Tori” is a fusion between teriyaki and yakitori spices, and is popular in Japan for seasoning meat, vegetable and fish dishes.

“Bulgogi” is a Korean cuisine classic also known as “meat of fire.” The slightly fiery flavor is based on apple juice concentrate, miso paste and chili. The seasoning “Shichimi Togarashi” conjures up a fruity-sweet orange taste combined with ginger and chili flavors.

Well thought out product design
Each liquid seasoning comes in a 1.2 kg squeeze bottle to allow for precise dosing and ultimate convenience, says Raps.

The liquid seasonings also have a long shelf life and do not need to be refrigerated, making them easy to store.

They were developed for professional use in restaurants, canteens, food trucks and hot buffets but are also available from retailers for home use.

Region-specific flavors command attention
In similar advancements in the space, “flamin’ hot” foods and spice innovation continue to gather speed as consumers seek new flavor experiences.

Last month, Olam Food Ingredients unveiled its latest spice blends range – Blends of the Americas. The 17 ready-to-use dry blends offer food manufacturers, foodservice companies and retailers a simple, clean label solution for creating consistent and authentic flavors inspired by some of the continent’s popular cuisines – those of modern Mexico, the Caribbean and the US Southwest.

In May, US-based Wixon spotlighted the increased demand for comfort food with a Mexican twist. According to the company, Mexican flavors and dishes are “incredibly popular with US consumers,” and this geographical reach is expanding.

Source: Tastes of the Far East: Raps unveils liquid seasonings for meat, vegetable and noodle dishes