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Last Updated on November 23, 2020 by Novotaste

Recently, Krispy Kreme, a U.S. doughnuts chain, introduced pork floss and cheese and pork jerky doughnuts with sugar glaze, attracting many to try them. PHOTO: Krispy Kreme Taiwan

TAIPEI — To cater to new consumers, international food chains usually offer creative flavours that incorporate local tastes. Recently, Krispy Kreme, a U.S. doughnuts chain, introduced the pork floss and cheese and pork jerky doughnuts with sugar glaze, attracting many gourmets from around Taiwan.

The novelty of the flavours, however, failed to win foreigners’ hearts.

A social media user shared a photo of Taipei Krispy Kreme’s new doughnut flavours on Friday (Nov 20) on Reddit along with the photo that read: “Interesting new Taiwanese donut flavours at Krispy Kreme Taipei — Pork Floss Donuts and Cheese Pork Jerky Donuts.”

The post has drawn much attention among the foreign community with many users saying that they just look “gross.”

One user said that this new flavour indicates that their business is dying while another wrote that he would rather spend hard-earned NT$50 (S$2.40) on a lunchbox than on this doughnut.

Meanwhile, one user commented that these pastries are commonly found in Taiwanese bakeries: “Apart from the sugar glaze?”

However, Taiwanese have higher acceptability to new flavours. When Taiwan’s Krispy Kreme announced that it would be co-branding a limited-edition doughnut with Hsin Tung Yang, many people rushed to the store to give it a try.

Those who have had it describe it as Taiwanese pork floss bread. The pop-up event ended on Nov 18, and those who want to try it may have to wait for some time.

Source: Social media users appalled by Taiwan Krispy Kreme’s new doughnut flavours, Asia News – AsiaOne

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