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Last Updated on March 26, 2021 by Novotaste

Even as the world anxiously awaits vaccination against the coronavirus, some unsung genius somewhere has made an inventive breakthrough by concocting a haldi-flavoured ice cream.

The beneficial effects of haldi – turmeric in English – have long been recognised in India, where it’s traditionally used in skin lotions and as an essential cooking ingredient which aids digestion.

In the West, health-conscious patrons of bars now opt for haldi ‘shots’ in preference to alcoholic beverages. So sooner or later the condiment was destined to turn up in an ice cream avatar.

The creation of a haldi-flavoured ice cream may or may not find mention in the footnotes of culinary history, but it does invoke memories of my childhood in what was Calcutta. As a treat I’d be taken by my mother, or an assortment of aunts and uncles, to the great green sprawl of the Maidan which fronts the Victoria Memorial and where a number of ice cream carts would be lined up.

Though there were several different brands of ice cream they all had the same basic product: you could have any flavour you wanted, provided it was vanilla.

Then one day ice cream reinvented itself in a new flavour: strawberry. Now you had a choice of two types of ice cream – white vanilla and pink strawberry. Would wonders never cease. And they didn’t.

For not long after along came brown chocolate ice cream, followed by golden mango, and green pistachio, and coffee that had the colour, and taste, of a cup of café au lait.

Then came a US-based company which offered no less than 32 different kinds of ice cream, including one that tasted of bubble gum, another of cheesecake, and yet another of cookies.

There is kulfi ice cream, and coconut ice cream, and sitaphal ice cream and anjeer ice cream. There’s even a chilli ice cream. A sweet treat that is mirchi? How hotly cool, or coolly hot is that. And now we have haldi ice cream. What next? Heeng ice cream? Jeera? An ice cream tasting like pizza?

And future generations might even marvel at a truly novel flavour of ice cream. Vanilla? How way out is that.

Source: Sundaes forever: There seem to be no end of the new and different flavours that ice cream keeps coming in