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Photo: Starbucks Japan

Starbucks serves up a taste of retro Japan…with a gyu new twist

Now that the annual Sakura Frappucinos are out in full bloom at Starbucks, it’s time to look past the blossoms and towards the next big spring release on the horizon.

What’s headed our way are two milky beverages designed to give us a sense of something new with a side of nostalgia, as they’re both inspired by drinks served in old-school milk bottles.

Helping to remind us that everything old is new again, the drinks come with the punny name “Gyu New,” which sounds just like gyunyu, the Japanese word for “milk“, but with the word “new” in there instead.


The Fruit Gyu New Frappuccino is inspired by the retro “fruit milk” drinks sold in small glass milk bottles. These were once widely available around Japan but today are found at smaller stores and milk stands at train stations.

The flavor of fruit milk brings people straight back to their childhoods in Japan, and that’s what this new Starbucks version intends to do, with a mixed juice base containing mango, banana, white peach, orange, satsuma mandarin, pineapple, and apple, all blended with milk and ice to create a cool and refreshing beverage.

The fruity flavors get a new twist in the topping, with a bright red cherry and a pulpy sauce, made with mango, white peach, orange, pineapple, and apricot, to add a sweet yet tart contrast to the drink.

Joining the Fruit Gyu New for this nostalgia trip is the Fuwa Fuwa Mousse Coffee Gyu New, (“Airy Mousse Coffee Gyu New”), which takes its inspiration from Japan’s beloved retro coffee milk drinks, also served in small glass bottles.

The Mousse Coffee Gyu New is said to feature a mellow cold brew specially designed to pair well with milk and white mocha-flavored syrup. The drink is carefully layered with a mix of fresh cream and white mocha and vanilla-flavored syrups, which is then topped with cold brew coffee and sweet milk. A mound of light and airy coffee mousse is poured on top, with a dusting of cocoa powder to finish.

▼ The drink builds upon the nostalgic flavor of coffee milk with a new, fluffy, mousse-like texture.

Source: Starbucks serves up a taste of retro Japan…with a gyu new twist – Japan Today