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While the classic candy bar always satisfies, Snickers Cinnamon Bun might be the flavor innovation that changes the candy conversation going forward. Could more comfort food flavors join the candy aisle?

Snickers is one of the most iconic Mars Wrigley candies. Named after one of Frank Mars’ favorite horses that combination of nougat, caramel, peanuts and chocolate is always a top choice.

In recent years, Snickers has transformed its flavors in many ways. From Snickers Almond Brownie to ice cream to numerous other options, there are plenty of candy choices to help wipe away that “hangry” feeling.

Why add Snickers Cinnamon Bun?

The newest, limited edition offering, Snickers Cinnamon Bun, seems to change the candy bar direction. While the Mars Wrigley brand is never afraid to push the conversation forward, this option seems to add a nuance to the classic, comfort food, breakfast flavor.

According to Michelle Deignan, Mars Wrigley Senior Brand Director. “SNICKERS Cinnamon Bun delivers a classic flavor that welcomes the fall season and offers a moment of comfort with a taste and texture only SNICKERS can provide.” While the idea is to surprise fans with new flavor experiences, this offering seems to add a note of nostalgia, a taste of homeyness and a nod to culinary creativity.

Snickers Cinnamon Bun

Having had the opportunity to try this new candy offering, the warm spice of the cinnamon offers a lovely juxtaposition to the other ingredients. In some ways, the cinnamon bun nougat is the highlight of the candy bar. Even though a Snickers bar always offers the perfect blend of ingredients, that cinnamon nougat will have people craving more.

Thinking about this flavor combination, it is a classic idea that just works well. Crunchy peanuts, buttery caramel and sweet chocolate blend perfectly with a cinnamon nougat. Although this candy bar is a limited time offering, many people might petition to make it permanent.

Has there been a Snickers Cinnamon Bun before?

While Snickers might not have previously offered this particular candy option, the idea of a Snickers Cinnamon Bun has been seen in another way. Cinnabon offered a cinnamon bun with a Snickers topping in 2019. Many home cooks and bakeries have topped that classic bakery item with the candy bar. It goes to show that the combination is a craveable choice.

As this new candy hits Walmart shelves exclusively in October, it begs the question, what could be next for Snickers. From almonds to hazelnuts, the Mars Wrigley candy keeps expanding, but how could the brand take the classic into a new direction.

Although the company would never speculate on new flavors, there are many options available. Even a little ginger mixed into the caramel could be the more elevated option that could excite people. A hint of spice with all that richness might be the food flavor that people love.

For now, many people will be running to Walmart to get the first taste of the Snickers Cinnamon Bun. And, if that flavor is one that is irresistible, it might be best to buy a few extra. No one knows how long the candy bar will remain on the shelf.

Source: Snickers Cinnamon Bun is the must have fall candy