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At Novotaste, we pride ourselves in being aware of current & developing flavour trends. Our trends section, showcases a variety of up-to-date articles describing global food, beverage, coffee/tea & flavour trends. These are used to inspire our flavour R&D & marketing teams as well as our clients. Our extremely popular newsletter also enables us to periodically send snapshots of current flavour trends that can be customized for our client’s applications.

Over time, flavour trends either come & go, are fusioned with traditional flavour profiles or become mainstream. As a whole, trends usually take time to develop & eventually transform or die. So, if you are a NPD or an individual who is interested in the topic, taking a sneak peek at 2020 flavour trends will not necessarily provide any surprises, but simply confirm what is trending up.

With any doubt the main general flavour trend that continues to build momentum is internationally-inspired & natural flavours. There is a serious demand for authentic flavour profiles, the fusioning of flavours coming from different geographical regions as well as with well known flavours. Consumers are constantly on the look-out for new & unique flavours.

Take a look at the 2019 summer flavour trends we published in the spring. This will provide more insights on what will be remain popular in 2020…

Get into contact with us if you want more insights or if you want to request a flavour sample for your application.

Peak #1

Asian Influenced flavours coming from the Philippines, Japan, China & Korea

Peek #2

Pseudo Arabic Mediterranean

Syrian, Lebanese, Israely, Turkish, Maroccon & Libyan Influences

Peak #4

Latin American & Caribbean Influences

Taro, acai, guava, cumin, hibiscus, lulo, Jerk spices, chipotle & ancho

Peek #5

Botanicals, herbs & essential oils

peek #6

Feel-good & indulgence flavours

Birthday cake variations, smores, coffee crisp-types, cinnamon bun…

Peak #7
peek #8

Fermented flavours

From traditionally fermented flavours (such as kimchi) to unique profiles produced via fermentation

peek #9

FUSION: Adding unique twists to traditional flavours (watermelon with a hint of basil) or simply combining well known profiles (strawberry, rhubarb & acai)

2019 Trendy Summer Flavours

2019 Flavor trends

Flavour trends 2019 and in to 2020

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