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Snacking trends in China: Mango and sauerkraut flavors among top cravings, highlights Dada Group

Dada Group, operating the Chinese on-demand delivery and retail platform JDDJ, is highlighting the current shopping preferences in China, which range from mango-flavored chocolate to sauerkraut-flavored potato chips.

The insights into the latest on-demand economy trends of snack food in China are showcased in the company’s Report on On-demand Consumption Trend of Snack Food, based on the JDDJ’s big data, online-to-offline experience and close partnership with PepsiCo Food.

As more and more people embrace on-demand consumption, JDDJ has observed rapid growth in the snack food category. Gourmet snacks, in particular, are popular thanks to the platform’s convenient one-hour delivery service. Potato chips and spicy strips were spotlighted as the favored snacks for daily consumption, while chocolate gift boxes are most popular during festive occasions.

Eating for pandemic stress relief

According to its report, JDDJ witnessed snack sales grow by 91 percent in 2020. Puffed food, chocolates and biscuits are the top three popular categories on the platform. Meanwhile, wafers, bulk food and chocolates saw the fastest year-on-year increase.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, increasingly consumers have turned to on-demand retail platforms to satisfy their demand for snacks. Online supermarket services accounted for 80 percent of JDDJ’s snack sales.

Collaborations with big brands

In April 2020, during the vacation marketing campaign jointly launched by JDDJ and PepsiCo Foods, participating snack brands saw a 220 percent increase in sales compared to the same period the year before.

In August 2020, JDDJ cooperated with Yili, P&G, Mars Wrigley and Mondelēz to hold the exclusive Super Fan Day marketing event. The total sales of participating brands saw an increase of three times year-on-year growth. In terms of digital marketing, the platform initiates and operates a series of marketing IPs, such as “Super Brand Day” and “Supermarket Brand Season”, to promote sales growth.

Source: Snacking trends in China: Mango and sauerkraut flavors among top cravings, highlights Dada Group