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Last Updated on March 31, 2021 by Novotaste

(PRNewsfoto/Pernod Ricard USA)

Smithworks® by Pernod Ricard and country music artist Blake Shelton, announce the launch of Smithworks Hard Seltzer Lemonade todayRenowned for their award winning American-made vodka, Smithworks and Shelton now enter the ready-to-drink (RTD) category by providing American consumers with the nostalgic taste of summer with its iconic line of Hard Seltzer Lemonade. Inspired by the quintessential All-American taste of summer and the trending ready-to-drink category, Smithworks Hard Seltzers offer four convenient mouth-watering lemonade flavors inspired by America’s Heartland.

Whether you’re at a socially distanced backyard BBQ, enjoying a day at the lake or need a convenient drink solution for a casual hang out with close friends—Smithworks Hard Seltzer Lemonade brings the summer taste of America’s Heartland to life all year round for any casual daytime drinking occasion.

“Made with pride and rooted in values of the Heartland, Smithworks and I want to celebrate with new drinks and old friends,” said Blake Shelton. “Our new Smithworks hard seltzers taste like liquid sunshine. Infused with the flavors of crisp and refreshing lemonade, it’s the perfect way to kick back and cool off this summer.”

Smithworks Hard Seltzers are perfectly balanced and packed with lemonade flavor in every sip, inspired by summer in the American Heartland, for a casual afternoon to kick back under the sun:

  • Classic Lemon – Our version of the All-American taste of summer: classic, cool lemonade. Serve chilled for a refreshing, tart, slightly sweet taste for those hot summer months.
  • Ripe Strawberry – Like the first bite into summer’s favorite fruit: strawberry. A refreshing, slightly sweet infusion into lemonade with a punch of fresh-tasting strawberry flavor.
  • Southern Peach Tea – A nod to our Heartland roots, offering the perfect flavors of refreshing lemonade blended with southern sweet tea and a juicy peach twist.
  • Crisp Lime – Inspired by Blake’s favorite combination of lemon and lime, brings the tart crispness of lime flavor to the crisp sweetness of America’s favorite drink.

“With the ready-to-drink category forecasted to be the fastest-growing category over the next five years, we are thrilled to enter this space and offer a new spin with our Smithworks Hard Seltzer Lemonades like no others,” said Regan Clarke, Vice President, Smithworks, Pernod Ricard USA“As a member of the Smithworks family, Blake Shelton has played an integral role in the development of the Smithworks brand and this new launch, inspired by his summers in the Heartland.”

Smithworks Hard Seltzer Lemonade and its variety pack with all four flavors is available in 17 states, with additional distribution slated for 2021. The 5% ABV flavored malt beverages are brewed with natural lemonade flavors and have 100 calories and 1 gram of sugar per 12 oz can1. Smithworks Hard Seltzer Lemonades are available in the following formats: 12-count Variety Pack (12oz cans); 6-count Classic Lemon Pack (12oz cans); and tall Single Serve cans in Classic Lemon and Ripe Strawberry (23.5oz cans).

With the launch, the brand released a fun 30-second “Here’s To Here” video featuring Blake Shelton drinking and enjoying Smithworks Hard Seltzer Lemonade with close friends and family on an ideal summer day in the Heartland. In the video, Blake notes “here’s to summer days and something cold in your hand” and ends with “here’s to traditions and starting new ones with Smithworks.”

Source: Smithworks® and Blake Shelton Launch a New Ready-To-Drink American-Brewed Hard Seltzer Lemonade