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Soaring demand for nutraceutical products has inspired Airnov Healthcare Packaging to expand its range of Aroma-Can products to incorporate a wider range of flavours and scents.

Strawberry and mint Aroma-Can have been added the line-up of products, which are injection moulded with a specially scented polymer compounded into the resin to release over time.

Many nutraceuticals, such as fish oil tablets and valerian root, have inherently off-putting odours that discourage customers from taking the product as prescribed or from re-purchasing. Designed to drop into packaging, Aroma-Can emits a pleasant aroma made to mask unwanted odours. They are also used to enhance the customer experience and brand appeal by adding an associated aroma to vitamins, probiotics, and other dietary supplements.

Nicolas Martinez, global product manager at Airnov, said: “What started as a niche product has exploded thanks to nutraceutical brand owners responding to consumers focusing more on their health and our ability to deliver new, tailored scents to the market in an easily automatable package.

“Some herbal supplements work great but just plain smell bad! With many studies showing that the sense of smell is most closely linked with memory, we want our clients’ customers to recall fresh-cut strawberries, not sardines, when it’s time to take another dose.”

The Aroma-Can is the same shape and size as Airnov’s standardised 1g desiccant canisters, making the product fully automatable and compatible with canister insertion equipment readily available on the market. It is US FDA compliant for use in nutraceutical and food applications.

Source: Smells like strawberries, not sardines | Plastics in Packaging

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