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Slackwater Brewing and Tickleberry’s team up to create an unique new ice cream for Penticton

Beer-flavoured ice cream?

Casey Richardson

A new community collaboration is bringing together an unusual combination in Penticton — beer and ice cream.

Slackwater Brewing has teamed up with Tickleberry’s to create a Salted Pineapple Sorbet with their new Pineapple Sour beer with pink sea salt, named ‘Nautical Nonsense,’ which will be available on tap at the bar.

Kelsey Hoy, the owner of Tickleberry’s, said it’s the first time somebody has approached her to put beer into an ice cream.

“Definitely not a common thing, I personally haven’t seen it in many places so I was super excited to do this collaboration with Slackwater,” Hoy said.

Slackwater Brewing co-founders Liam and Kelsey Peyton said they wanted to engage with other local businesses and suppliers to create “some cool unique products.”

“We went in pretty much right when they opened [their new downtown Penticton location] and said ‘You want to do something cool?’” Liam said.

“We know that we had some really fun styles of beer coming out this summer and of course just to welcome them into the neighbourhood as well,” Kelsey added.

Hoy said incorporating the beer into the ice cream does not change how it freezes or the texture much, but it did change the colour a little. Tickleberry’s will not be selling the ice cream on site yet, because of its alcoholic content, but will cook the beer next time to remove the alcohol and keep the flavours. In the meantime, it will be available at Slackwater.

Castanet visited the ice cream lab at Tickleberry’s Okanagan Falls location to see the magic happen.

Ice cream makers start with their base, which on Thursday was a coconut milk pineapple vegan base with the beer included, adding in other flavourings.

“Then we have our lovely machine that we pour it into and add swirls, or inclusions and the main step after that is getting it to -30 C in 30 minutes in our blast chiller,” Hoy explained.

Over the coming months, Slackwater will be working with other local businesses to create unique and collaborative products for the community.

“It’s a small community, we’re all here for the same reason, we’re all going through a lot of hardships and curveballs right now so finding fun throughout all of this and keeping it creative and expressive,” Liam explained.

“It’s a nice little distraction from all the other fun stuff that’s happening right now.”

“It’s actually been super lovely to be able to talk with other business owners and see what their struggles are and how we can help each other out,” Hoy added.

Come by Slackwater Brewing this weekend to try out their boozy beer ice cream, and they plan to stock the alcohol free-version for everyone to enjoy soon.

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