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Consumers associate taste with different holidays and celebrations. This year, well-known and established tastes will provide consumers with a feeling of security as they escape into their comfort zone – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Latest market and consumer research shows that consumers tend to buy well-known products – the same applies to the choice of flavor. Everyone loves the taste of baked apple, gingerbread and Christmas spices,” she explains.

Nadine Vogels, head of product management at Silesia.This year, consumers will seek classic and well-established tastes that provide a feeling of normality, which many crave. “Therefore, traditional flavors with a hint of new top notes like cardamom or turmeric will be trendy in 2020/2021,” adds Vogels.

Silesia also sees a trend toward classic indulgent winter flavors in combination with healthy and holistic well-being concepts. Their “Taste- A Path to Well-being” creations offer unique flavors for good-tasting moments, the company highlights.

Silesia’s portfolio includes seasonal flavors from international classics to regional preferences such as Christmas pudding, peanut butter caramel, eggnog and Speculoos cookies, to name a few.

Applications with a festive twist
According to Vogels, dairy products such as yogurt offer “a huge range of delicious winter taste directions and show unique taste sensations every year.”

The hot beverage sector is playing with new ingredients and traditional flavors. “Surprising exotic tastes including baobab or monk fruit on classic black tea are of particular interest,” she says.

Moreover, nostalgic moments with unusual surprises will lead to memorable taste experiences for consumers. Vogels points to sweet flavors on savory snacks, such as maple and spearmint or fig and port wine, as gaining interest in this sector.

Winter flavors also remind consumers of “the good old days,” says Vogels. “And they provide childhood memories, especially as they are linked to Christmas traditions.”

“Nostalgic food prepared at home provides quality time with the whole family,” she adds. This winter, consumers will seek classic and well-established tastes that provide a feeling of normality.

For example, an instant dessert with delicious apple cinnamon flavor provides unforgettable moments and reminds you of a carefree time.”

Botanicals and plant-based ingredients rise
In botanicals, new promising sources are emerging daily, Vogels stresses.

Silesia gives special attention to regional plants such as nettle or cornflower and rare, unusual varieties of well-known classics like basil or mint.

Furthermore, the success of plant-based alternatives are expected to continue, in relation to Innova Market Insights’ “Plant-Forward” Top Trend of 2020.

“Flavorings with herbal, fruity or floral notes further enhance the healthy perception of these products. Smoky, juicy notes or a pleasant heat from different chili varieties give meat alternatives the desired similar taste,” Vogels concludes.

Source: Silesia: “International and classic flavors to rise this winter”