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So how does seabuckthorn berry taste?
“The berries are quite tart, sort of like sour orange with hints of mango. Some people also liken them to pineapple”. –The Toronto Star

“The sea buckthorn is known as the Siberian pineapple, and if you can imagine a pineapple with the sweetness removed but the flavour kept in, you wouldn’t be far off. There are hints of sour apple and sour orange alongside a berry freshness and, served hot when you are cold, it’s truly invigorating”.

The seabuckthorn berry is a very interesting fruit because it looks like a typical North American berry, but it absolutely tastes tropical. Its gaining in popularity because of its great taste, but mostly for its nutraceutical/pharmeceutical properties (refer to the Novotaste newsletter – seabuckthorn berry | flavour pairings). One of the main reasons there are not many seabuckthorn berry beverages being sold is because the juice is hard to process. It contains pulp & oil, which are worth more then the actual juice.

Interesting facts

Sea Buckthorn is native to Europe, Asia and northern China. For centuries, this berry has been used as food and for pharmaceutical properties. An interesting fact about Sea Buckthorn is that it was used by the Ancient Greeks to promote weight gain for horses and provide them with a shiny coat. Sea Buckthorn is a very hardy bush plant that has an extensive root system. This root system is capable of fixing a lot of nitrogen. The increase in nitrogen promotes suitable growth on marginal soils which will support the growth of other plants.