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A scientific study (reference) found that smelling a lemon scent can help you feel slim. The lemon’s aroma was found to boost body image and improved self-esteem. Being exposed to the smell of lavender has also been proven to promote relaxation & could be used to relieve preoperative stress and anxiety disorders. One could argue that tasting a lemon or a lavender flavour could also lead to the same effects, since smell & taste are intertwined.

Even though lavender is traditionally used as a scent, in the last five years, it has become trendy in flavour applications. Lemon on the other hand, remains a very popular scent & flavour. By mixing both profiles, in varying ratios, very interesting results can be obtained.

Whether you want a dominant lavender with a hint of lemon or a lemon with a subtle floral note, Novotaste can customize the profile that you require for your applications. While we cannot guarantee that it will promote relaxation & self-esteem, you can test it our for yourself. Request a flavour or edible scent today!

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