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Lori Cooper and her dog Scooter
CHICAGO, IL (DECEMBER 2019) – Beauty and wellness are not just for people… Introducing the latest in pet care innovation! Scentsational Pets is the first multi-benefit, odor neutralizing spray for pets and all their spaces. This human grade formula has been extensively tested on humans for the benefit of all furry friends.-not just for dogs. “Consumers don’t realize how fragrances can affect their pets due to their heightened sense of smell,” says Keeley Kossof of Vernon Hills and Lori Cooper of Buffalo Grove, co-founders of Scentstational Pets. ” Our products are infused with natural essential oils proven to be a positive experience for pets AND their owners.”

Just like their human counterparts, an animal’s natural pheromones can cause unpleasant scents even on the cleanest of creatures. Now there is a perfect solution… Scentsational Pets line of multi-benefit, innovative, odor neutralizing sprays for your favorite furry companion!
Unlike most pet products that are designed to mask unpleasant odors, these cutting-edge formulas don’t just mask odors, they absorb and eliminate them to extend time between grooming. Additionally, each product has their own unique beauty and wellness benefit. They are manufactured in the USA and each human-grade formula is PH balanced and free of DEA and petroleum derivatives. Scentsational Pets sprays will not harm your pet if licked or swallowed and each scent has been tested on humans for the benefit of our furry family members!

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins, international certified Master Groomer and certified canine esthetician, owner of Love Fur Dogs in Glencoe, president of the Illinois Professional Pet Groomers Association and declared “best dog groomer in Chicagoland” by the Chicago Tribune, is one of Scentsational Pets newest fans and retailers. Scentsational Pets is the first product of its kind that she has ever endorsed and/or carried in her store.
“This line respects the incredible sense of smell dogs have and truly works as designed– as an odor neutralizer,” says Bishop-Jenkins. “Perfumes for dogs are unhealthy and Scentsational Pets is NOT a perfume. It was created for the animal and THEN it’s owner, and it benefits both!”

Sensational pets is available in three irresistible scents. “Fresh Fur Sure” (refreshing scent infused with citrus essential oils), “Peaceful Pet” ( calming scent infused with lavender and aloe),
“Best in Show”(beautifying scent infused with rosewater and coconut oil). Each 8 oz. bottle retails for $14.99.

Keeley Kossof, co -founder of Scentsational Pets worked as a hairstylist and make up artist for over 10 years before becoming vision impaired after the birth of her son. Keeley’s passion for her work, love of her clients and the thrill of helping people look and feel their very best inspired the creation of Mane Intentions, the first and only line of odor neutralizing hair fragrances. Chosen as a top new product in 2013 by Beauty Store Business, and at a time when blowouts and hair extensions were becoming multi-million dollar industries, Mane Intentions proprietary formula was the perfect solution to refreshing hair without shampooing it daily.

Kossof heard from Mane Intentions customers’ that they were using the product on their pets and how effective it was. That was the catalyst to researching how to bring an innovative pet care product to market. Kossof teamed up with Chicago businesswoman, Lori Cooper, cofounder of Scentsational Pets, to bring her industry expertise to the pet market. Both true pet lovers!

“This product is a game changer in the pet industry,” says Kossof. Cooper adds, ” Use it to spray on pet beds, furniture, carpet and even cars. There are so many uses for our product that we can’t wait for pet lovers to try them all!”

Oftentimes we find that we’re bathing our dogs too often, thus drying out their skin and causing more problems for them! This line extends the time between grooming appointments, eliminates that “wet dog” smell, and makes time around your pet even more enjoyable and euphoric (if that’s possible!)

A perfect product for the pet lover, these multi benefit sprays will do the trick when the grooming salon is booked. This line is available online at or at local retailers including: Bark University (Mundelein), Spa for Dogs (Northbrook), K9 Playtime(Mundelein) and Love Fur Dogs (Glencoe) with more to come!

Source: Scents That Make Sense | Buffalo Grove, IL Patch