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Among the 14 flavours at the shop right now (Hazukido has over 100 flavours in rotation) there are croissants filled with a custardy salted egg yolk, smeared with cod roe and topped with melted cheese. On the sweet side there are croissants filled with a deep pink strawberry panna cotta or dipped in chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. Prices start at $3 for a plain croissant and go up to $5.50 depending on flavours.

Hazukido Canada’s managing partner Alice Chu, who is part of the investment firm Fourfold Capital, which has the Canadian franchising rights, says the croissants are inspired by the ones made in Japan where pastry culture is huge, and croissants are often given a Japanese spin with additional sweet and savoury flavours. In Toronto, there are many examples of European baked goods given an East Asian flair.

Source: Salted egg yolk croissants the latest food to hit Toronto’s Bay-Dundas intersection | The Star