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Salt is a flavour enhancer, thus if salt is removed from a formulation, the flavour will be negatively affected. Besides other specific functionalities (such as preservation & water retention), if care is taken to adjust the flavour profile the removal of salt will not produce unfavourable results.

The main problem facing the typical formulator is that when salt needs to be removed from a specific application, there are so many options in the market to choose from. In most cases, salt reduction solutions are heavily marketed , but there is simply no substance. Whether it has a fancy name, package or slogan, the majority of salt reduction solutions consist of mixtures of various salts such as magnesium chloride (MgCl2), calcium chloride (CaCl), potassium chloride (KCl), ammonium chloride (NH4Cl), sodium chloride & some other types of ingredients. These are simply not salt replacers, they are sodium reducers being mass marketed as being global solutions for specific problems. This approach simply does not work!

At Novotaste, we can offer the same so-called solutions, but we rather focus on customized all natural salt reduction solutions that do not contain a load of other types of salts. Through a synergy of essential oils, various natural aromatic ingredients & specific yeast extracts, we can reduce salt in your application & also improve flavour impact at the same time!

Customized salt replacers will guarantee the most drastic reductions in salt, while retaining the overall flavour impact. The efficiency of our salt reduction NOVOsolutions is not only based on using the right types & ratios of ingredients, but also by the way it is applied to the application.

All of this is achieved through the direct collaboration of our clients R&D department with ours. It usually starts with Novotaste R&D working directly with the clients product base, so to optimize the best formulations. Once favourable results are achieved, a report detailing our observations, procedures & solutions is sent to to the client & pilot tests can commence.

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