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Runamok Maple Cocktail Syrups and Bitters (image via Runamok)

Runamok Maple, known for its barrel-aged, and smoked maple syrups out of Vermont, recently released a new line of maple cocktail syrups and bitters featuring two different types of syrups to add to your whiskey glass- Maple Old Fashioned and Smoked Old Fashioned– along with two different kinds of bitters – Aromatic Maple, and Orange Maple.

The Maple Old Fashioned is an infusion of herbs and spices, without any refined sugar, and contains a slight bite from Runamok Maple’s very own bitters, along with the subtle essence of orange and cherry. The Smoked Old Fashioned syrup contains similar ingredients, but includes Runamok Maple’s Smoked with Pecan Wood maple syrup to add extra flavor. Both syrups are priced at $16.95 per 250 mL bottle and have the added bonus of already being in syrup form, eliminating the extra step of dissolving sugar.

The bitters in the collection are made traditionally with all-natural herbs and root extracts infused in alcohol. Runamok Maple’s version is delivered in a maple base, but is much like your traditional bitters in taste. The Aromatic bitter holds flavors of maple, cinnamon, clove, and allspice, as well as hints of sarsaparilla and vanilla bean, allowing for a sweet and spicy add-on to your drink. The Orange Maple bitter gives citrus aromas layered on top of a subtle maple base. Each bitter is priced at $11.95 for a 100 mL bottle.

“At Runamok Maple, we have been creating cocktails using our infused and smoked maple syrups since we started production,” said Laura Sorkin, co-founder of Runamok Maple, in a prepared statement. “Through our experimentation over the years, we have come to realize that our maple-based creations are, to this day, some of our favorite cocktails. With the launch of our new cocktail syrups and bitters, we want our customers to experience those same flavors that we have been sharing with our family and friends.”

The full collection can be found on the Runamok Maple website.

Source: Runamok Maple Has A New Line Of Maple Cocktail Syrups And Bitters – The Whiskey Wash