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Last Updated on October 21, 2020 by Novotaste

One might assume that when two popular food trends collide, they would inevitably make for one truly exciting treat. However, when we found out that XO Marshmallow was releasing a marshmallow that combined rosé and edible glitter, we had some reservations. It’s not even summer yet, and already we’ve grown a weary of all the foods and drinks that promise to taste just like rosé but almost never do. And, after trying Glitter Gum, we decided we weren’t really on board for the edible glitter fad, even if food trend experts had declared 2018 “the year of glitter.” Despite our skepticism, though, XO Marshmallow managed totally shock and delight us with its new Rose Gold Rosé marshmallows.

First off, XO Marshmallow’s newest marshmallows are gorgeous. Even if, like us, you have an aversion to eating glitter, there’s no denying that the rose gold-dusted tops of these marshmallows are nice to look at. Unlike Glitter Gum, this product is one that you’ll want to post on your Instagram. Underneath all the sparkles, the marshmallow continues to slay with its rosé-inspired, millennial pink color. We’re not sure the Rose Gold Rosé marshmallow’s beauty would hold up when roasted on a campfire or melted into rice crispy treats, but wouldn’t it be cute if it did? On the new product’s package, XO Marshmallow does say, “these marshmallows are sure to be perfect for sipping, snacking, and taking ‘toasting marshmallows’ to a new level.”

Since Instagram-worthy foods can get by on just their looks, we didn’t expect much from the Rose Gold Rosé marshmallows in terms of their flavor. But XO Marshmallow’s newest addition pleasantly surprised us by actually tasting like a glass of fruit-forward rosé. One of the ingredients listed on the product’s package is “bottles of sparkling rosé wine,” and it certainly does taste like there are several bottles in the treat. The marshmallows aren’t boozy exactly, but they do have a sort of fermented tartness. With each bite, we also tasted hints of strawberry and raspberry.
Though XO Marshmallow’s new Rose Gold Rosé marshmallows didn’t turn us into edible glitter converts, they did help us see that we shouldn’t automatically write off glittery food altogether. They also restored our faith in rosé-flavored foods. We really thought we had seen it all when it comes to food trend mash-ups, but it’s nice to know that there’s still some room to be surprised and delighted.

Source: Rose Gold Rosé Marshmallows Are Here — So You Can Now Make Rosé S’mores

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