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According to its annual trend report, AF&Co., a restaurant and hospitality consulting firm, predicts hot cocktails, cheesy stew and Chinese-American cuisine will be all the rage in 2021. Here, a glimpse into what will shape consumer tastes in the coming months.

Hot Cocktails: Hot cocktails will make a comeback this year as many people will continue to gather and drink outdoors and as restaurants and bars have built up outdoor dining spaces. While we can expect the Hot Toddy, Hot Buttered Rum and Irish Coffee to proliferate, there will be many new creative additions to the cocktail cannon incorporating hot tea, mulled wine, and cider as well as other drinks designed to be served warm.

Quesabirria: Birria or, quesabirria, stems from queso (cheese) and birria, a Mexican meat stew traditionally made from goat but now often made with beef or lamb. It includes a tortilla usually dipped in a chili laced broth, melted cheese and the stew, often served with a side of consommé for sipping or dipping. It has been surging in popularity first in Los Angeles (by way of Tijuana) and then San Francisco for years, and now it is beginning to take hold on the East Coast.

Chinese-American Cuisine: This cuisine is a taste of comfort for people of all ages and nationalities despite where they grew up. While it may have been out-of-fashion for a while, we believe Chinese-American food is about to make a comeback. Chinese-American food presents an opportunity for reinvention, offering people the tastes they know and love but with more transparency towards ingredients and where they come from and perhaps refining some recipes or preparations to reduce sugar or oil.

In addition to naming Chinese-American its cuisine trend of the year, AF&Co. also acknowledged others it sees rising in popularity including Regional Indian; Afro-Carribean; Singapore/Malay and Jewish cuisine.

Source: Report: Hot Cocktails, Cheese Stew Top 2021 Food Trends | Gourmet Insider Magazine