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13 Tips To Amplify The Flavors Of Roasted Garlic | Tasting Table

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Poor man's treacle, nectar of the gods, stinking rose — no matter what they call garlic, one thing is certain: no one is indifferent to its flavor and aroma. But…

SCIENCE CONFIRMS that smelling rose improves quality of learning and sleep

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A recent study (reference) has found that smelling the scent of rose improves the quality of learning experiences and can also help in sleeping better. So for Valentines day, giving…

SCIENCE CONFIRMS that smelling LEMON/LAVENDER can make you feel slim & relaxed

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A scientific study (reference) found that smelling a lemon scent can help you feel slim. The lemon's aroma was found to boost body image and improved self-esteem. Being exposed to…

Other Essential Oil Solutions

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When it comes to essential oils, you have to be careful with the declarations. They can often be misleading & taken advantage of by dishonest vendors. To properly be able…

Crop calendar for essential oils

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*locations of crops in calendar does not necessarily represent the locations of Novotaste essential oils

Adding Value Through the Use of Essential Oils

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Aside from their use in aroma and flavour, there exists some research on added benefits of certain essential oils.  The uses of essential oils are far reaching encompassing aspects of…