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Whether we are relaxing alone after a long day of work, having a small gathering or partying it up with friends at an event, one thing we always want on-hand is great liquor to build the right vibes and make things a bit more interesting.

So, what’s your go-to option for a memory-making, delicious, smooth and flavourful alcoholic drink?

How about a rum cocktail?

Punchy Punch Rum Cocktails is a Trinidadian liquor brand owned by Mark Deane, which has been around for some time now as a leading rum cocktail shot that began in events and parties in Trinidad. Over the years, the exuberant taste and quality of this beverage have allowed Deane to expand his market across the region and seek further expansion into the United States.

A Shot with a Difference

Originally, this brand was launched to supply events and parties as a way of providing a new, affordable and unique taste to the world of shots. Unlike the typical shot that you do with the expensive overseas brands that leave your mouth and throat burning, Punchy Punch gives off a flavoured aftertaste, making that shot exactly what it should be; enjoyable.

NEW! Punchy Punch Companion

Although it is often had as a drink, in essence, Punchy Punch is a shot. Therefore, for those who want to have a nice, smooth drink at home, Deane and his team have launched a new product called Punchy Punch Companion. This is a ready-to-drink 250ML version of the original drink, which is ideal for at-home use in a more travel-friendly size. Punchy Punch Companion offers convenience and great value for money. Its reduced alcohol content (10%) makes it perfect for small house parties, consumption bars and casual events. You can also lookout for new companion flavours, like guava-pine and mango.

Naturally Punchy

Deane wants to give his consumers the best to complement their thrilling moments, and as such, he ensures Punchy Punch Rum Cocktails are made with only natural fruit juices. That’s right, nothing artificial for your tastebuds. “To show our commitment to providing top-quality liquor with amazing flavour, we go the extra mile of pasteurising our own passion fruit, pure Portugal and guava juices,” Deane shared.

The natural flavours of sorrel, lime, orange and grapefruit give off that rich Caribbean flavour that we know and love. This is why the potency of the fruitful flavours help to mask that alcoholic taste in each sip or shot. “These qualities placed us on the map as one of the best tasting liquor brands,” Deane explained.

Punchy Punch Available for All

As previously mentioned, Deane started out by offering his drinks at events and parties; however, with the growing demand and the arrival of COVID-19, Punchy Punch Rum Cocktails expanded distribution to grocery stores. “We saw incredible patronage at groceries across the country as people were still looking for affordable and nectarous beverage options while at home or at smaller events,” Deane expressed.

So, will your party be buzzy without Punchy Punch?

Source: Punchy Punch rum cocktails add “Companion” for any occasion | Loop Trinidad & Tobago