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Pumpkin-inspired flavours

By August 29th, 2019No Comments

Over the recent years, there has been a significant increase in popularity of pumpkin spice flavoured products. Its not just a trend, because pumpkin spice flavoured products are not just sold during the fall period. At Novotaste we have a wide range of different pumpkin-inspired flavour systems that can bring the familiar notes of pumpkin spice, but with a twist. We have listed a few of these below & would be happy to provide you with a more diverse list if contacted.

A few flavour ideas

Baked pumpkin
Caramelised pumpkin
Fresh pumpkin
Picante pumpkin
Pumpkin & coconut  curry
Pumpkin & cranberry
Pumpkin & cucumber iced tea
Pumpkin & nut bread
Pumpkin & saffron
Pumpkin & spice
Pumpkin & tangerine
Pumpkin apple Danish

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