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Last Updated on December 2, 2020 by Novotaste

The new tebasaki flavour is also limited to Japan’s Tokai region

Pringles in Japan is known for pushing the boundaries of creative flavours. Just this summer, the brand released a limited-edition Kanto Dashi Shoyu Ramen flavour, which was only sold through cheeky vending machines shaped like the Pringles tube.

Well, it looks like Pringles is on a roll this year, as the brand now offers the new tebasaki (chicken wings) flavour, inspired by the Tokai region of Japan, which is made up of Shizuoka, Aichi, Gifu and Mie prefectures. This region is known for their delicious food, especially the moreish fried chicken wings from Aichi.

Aichi’s tebasaki chicken wings are coveted for their flavourful coating. The wings are deep-fried karaage-style to create that perfectly crisp and addictive crunch on the outside. Obviously the Tebasaki Pringles takes on the flavour of the tebasaki sauce while the chips imitate the crispy deep-fried chicken skin that we all know and love.

As an ode to Aichi prefecture, the Pringles tube features an image of Nagoya Castle as well as  the historical structure’s decorative golden shachi, the mythical creature with a tiger’s head and a carp’s body.

The limited-edition Pringles are available in packs of three (¥600). However, since it’s a region exclusive, you’ll only find it at stores in the Tokai region.

Source: Pringles has a new fried chicken wing flavour – and it’s only available in Japan