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BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – SEPTEMBER 19: Byron Pringle #13 of the Kansas City Chiefs runs into the endzone for a touchdown after a 40-yard reception during the third quarter against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium on September 19, 2021 in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images)

Sometimes certain partnerships just seem kismet. For Pringles and Byron Pringle, the receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs, the connection seems obvious. Although Pringle might not be tailgating before the game, Pringles has stacked up team flavor stacks that will have fans cheering. During a recent conversation with Pringle, he revealed why his preferred flavor stack will score with football fans.

Tailgating and football are a winning combination. While each team might have their favorite food or food tradition, many football fans are looking to move the conversation beyond the ordinary. It might not be adopting a crazy food trend, but it will be one that will make people smile.

How did Bryon Pringle and Pringles stack up for their football flavor stacks?

Over the past several years, Pringles has brought the flavor stacking conversation to the NFL. From its Super Bowl commercials to snacks for game day, the popular crisps always bring smiles. Even though the Kellogg’s snack brand has pushed the envelope on creative flavor partnerships, many people love to create their own epic stackable bite.

As Gareth Maguire, senior director of marketing for Pringles, said “The Tailgating Stacks are a nod to the legendary flavors from each professional football team’s hometown, packed into one crispy, delicious bite. As a brand that prides itself on offering insanely accurate flavors, we’re excited to bring fans a new way to snack during football season.”

Partnering with Pringle seemed like a great choice. Beyond the name connection, the Kansas City Chiefs receiver offered a flavor combination that many people will enjoy. While Pringles has created a flavor stack for all popular football teams, the Kansas City BBQ Stack might make a fan out of everyone.

The Bryon Pringle Kansas City BBQ Stack features Pringles BBQ, Pringles Jalapeño, and Pringles Sour Cream & Onion. While Bryon told FoodSided that the layering of the crisps doesn’t matter, he does believe that this flavor stacking option works with all types of tailgating foods.

During the zoom conversation, Pringle shared how he likes to put Pringles on a chicken sandwich. He said how he would add some barbecue or even jalapeno crisps on the sandwich to boost the flavor.

Although Pringle shared that he doesn’t necessarily have a pre-game food ritual, he did say that after a game that he enjoys his snacks. While hydration is always first on his mind, a tasty snack isn’t too far away.

And, even if there are a few broken crisps in that can, Pringle said not to worry. Simply, just turn the can upside down and enjoy.

When asked about the current NFL season, Pringle is ready to look forward. Although the Kansas City Chiefs have had some unfortunate losses, Pringle said it is important to focus on the positive.

Pringle said, “you can’t get rid of the loss, but you can focus on the positive. It is about staying focused, looking forward and staying positive.”

That outlook is helping Pringle both on and off the field. Whether it is flavor stacking some Pringles or stacking up more yards on the field, it is all about the positive.

Source: Pringles and Byron Pringle look to score a win with football flavor stacks