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Just in time for the holidays, Plenty Hard Kombucha releases a zesty new flavour that showcases the festive fruits of the season. Vibrant and well-balanced, Cranberry + Mandarin is an exciting fresh take on a classic winter pairing. With juicy real fruits, botanicals and the hint of cinnamon that warms even the frostiest of hearts, this effervescent delight will keep you feeling merry right into the new year.

Plenty Hard Kombucha only launched in May of 2021 and has already become one of the top earning Canadian hard kombucha brands of this year. Helmed by founder Valli Manickam and co-founder Jamie Kirwin, Plenty is one of the first female-founded, handcrafted hard kombucha companies in Canada. Their flagship beverages, Grapefruit + Hibiscus and Mango + Pineapple + Coconut have been sold at a rate of up to 2,500 units per month.

Plenty Hard Kombucha Founder, Valli Manickam:

“When I launched Plenty, it was because I wanted to provide Canadians with a better-for-you alcohol option that doesn’t compromise on taste. After seeing rapid sales growth this year it’s given me the confidence that my initial gut instincts were correct. Canada is full of health-conscious consumers who, just like me, desire an alcohol beverage that can be enjoyed guilt-free. I’m excited to take this company further in 2022 with expansion plans and new flavours to enjoy.” – Valli Manickam, CEO and Founder, Plenty Hard Kombucha

Source: Plenty Hard Kombucha Releases Merry New Flavours for Holidays