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Bland is boring and Pinterest predicts recipes will get a boost from these bold food flavors

Looking ahead to 2021, Pinterest predicts some flavorful changes to your favorite recipes. These bold food flavors can transform that traditional recipe into a more flavorful bite. Like the old saying, if you can’t handle the heat, it is time to get out of the kitchen.

Recently, Pinterest revealed its top predictions for 2021. From food trends to home design, the new year looks to embrace change and inspire even more creativity. While pinners have found ways to bring ideas to life, those visual boards can be the spark to embrace change.

Looking specifically at the Pinterest food recipe predictions, one aspect is quite clear, bland is boring. From new recipes to twists on traditional recipes, Pinterest predicts that bold food flavors will be filling your feed and table.

Some examples of predicted include Cajun chicken pasta recipes, jalapeno pepper jelly recipes and hot honey recipes. While one is a particular dish, the other items are ingredients that can boost the flavor in many recipes.

Jalapeno pepper jelly shows a trend of using savory flavors in interesting ways. From a savory cookie recipe to just a simple appetizer, a jalapeno pepper jelly is a great option to bring a flavor twist to a traditional recipe.

Hot honey has been a huge trend in many recipes. While some brands, like Bushwick Kitchen, have made a name for themselves by creating an amazing hot honey, home cooks are finding that infusing honey with flavor is delicious.

For example, adding a little chipotle pepper to a honey adds heat and a slightly smoky note. It can be used on some homemade biscuits or a drizzle over fried chicken.

Hot honey has become a huge trend in cocktails. While some mixologists appreciate a flavor infused simple syrup, the hot honey adds depth to a cocktail. Consider pairing a hot honey with a bourbon in a new version of an Old Fashioned.

While these Pinterest predictions are just predictions, these bold food flavors trend seems likely. After many people discovered the joy of cooking, home cooks are becoming more confident in their choices. From ingredients to flavors, the bland food is over.

Source: Pinterest predicts these bold food flavors will transform your favorite recipes