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Kopparberg’s Passionfruit & Orange Gin is here and it’s said to be bursting with exotic passion fruit and tangy orange flavours. Delicious!

The gin is said to be in response to the growing demand for passion fruit flavoured drinks. Well who doesn’t love a porn star martini?

Currently available in Tesco for £18, the 37.5% ABV gin is already getting some major hype, with fans calling it “top tier”.

Rob Salvesen, Head of Marketing, said of the new spirit flavour: “We are extremely excited to bring our new flavour of Kopparberg gin to the UK following the success of our pink gin variants launched last year and after we’ve seen passion fruit as a key and current trend in flavour.

“Kopparberg is the perfect drink to enjoy with friends and we look forward to seeing Kopparberg fans making memories with a refreshing serve of the new Passionfruit & Orange Gin.”

But it doesn’t stop there for passionfruit lovers, as the iconic cider brand have also launched a Passion Fruit Orange & Lemonade Mixer can, costing £1.80 each in Tesco or four for the price of three.

This looks so tasty (Credit: Kopparberg)
(Credit: Kopparberg)

There’s our summer 2020 go-to tipple sorted. Who’s with us?!

Source: People Are Going Mad For Kopparberg’s New Passionfruit And Orange Gin Range – Tyla