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Other Essential Oil Solutions

By October 4th, 2022No Comments

When it comes to essential oils, you have to be careful with the declarations. They can often be misleading & taken advantage of by dishonest vendors. To properly be able to purchase the right specification of oil, one has to understand the basics behind the components & processing involved in making essential oils. Mother nature has created a vast array of oils, extracted from natural sources such as flowers, botanicals, seeds, peels & many others. These can be seen as simply being a complex mixture of natural aromatic chemicals having specific organoleptic & chemical properties. Keep in mind that most essential oils are traded & sold as commodities, thus their prices will fluctuate according to supply & demand. As natural products, their availabilities will also be affected by weather, productivity, yields & other factors. As a result of all this, prices will tend to fluctuate & some oils may double in price within 24hrs. At Novotaste, we pride ourselves in being able to supply you with the most updated prices for your pure & natural essential oils.

Novotaste prides itself in supplying quality ingredients that you can feel good about using. Essential oils are no exception to this rule.

The various grades of essential oil solutions we can supply you with consist of:

Pure & Natural (P&N): The purest type of essential oil, 100% pure & natural

Natural Type: Primarily composed of one main essential oil, but may contain other types of natural essential oils & aromatic ingredients

Natural Essential Oil Flavour: All essential oils are basically composed of several aromatic chemicals that can also be found in a variety of other natural products. These can be extracted & used in a variety of different products such as flavour systems. Since the exact composition of most essential oils are already known, it is possible to reverse engineer them. These essential oil flavours can basically have the same organoleptic properties as their representative natural products, but are relatively less expensive & simply cannot be labeled essential oils.

Natural & Artificial Essential Oil Flavour: Sometimes, certain aroma compounds typically found in essential oils can be very expensive, thus disproportionally increasing the overall price. The solution to this is to simply replace these with artificial analogs. The net result is a flavour that is relatively cheaper, but with the exact same organoleptic properties as the natural version. This flavour would need to be declared as being natural & artificial.

Artificial Essential Oil Flavour: All aromatic ingredients used are artificial, but with similar taste/aroma profiles as the the natural version.

Essential Oil Blends: Novotaste offers a range of customized blends of essential oils individually focused for specific use.  They can also be incorporated into flavours systems for more complex applications.