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NOVOsolutions for tea & coffee

By September 25th, 2020No Comments

One of the most exciting segments in the food industry today is the tea and coffee category. Teas are embraced by health-conscious consumers for their low calories and antioxidant properties. Similarly, coffee is globally accepted for its rich, natural profile and as a natural source of caffeine. Both are complex, diverse and widely applicable, with new products of all stripes steadily hitting shelves. Innovations in both of these beverage types have led to a surge in their popularity. Teas are driving up sales in RTD products whereas artisanal and cold brew coffees are transforming the category.

Novotaste has worked closely with flavored tea and coffee manufacturers since its inception. As such, we respect the unique challenges of working with these products. Flavor application to tea leaves and coffee beans requires specific solvent systems and carefully-designed profiles. Novotaste has a long list of winning flavors that fit these categories, and the skills to develop flavors tailored to your tea or coffee. We are also experienced in the development of successful tea and coffee beverages, especially the RTD types that have been dominating the market.

NOVOsolutions for coffee & tea

Wild & trendy flavour profiles

Pumpkin-inspired flavours

Trendy flavours & sensations

Aged Spirit & Wine Flavour Systems

Essential oils & extracts as natural flavour alternatives

Recent coffee & tea trends