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NOVOsolutions for health and personal care products

By October 1st, 2017No Comments

Health and Personal Hygiene products are extensively used by billions of consumers each day. It is safe to assume that most consumers strictly focus on the benefit and active components of these products due to their specific needs and desired effects.

Another safe assumption is that whilst the flavour, natural excipients and sources of various active components are key and integral parts of health and personal hygiene product formulations, they are often overlooked by consumers.

Novotaste understands the complexity and challenges behind formulating products in this segment. Due to our core strengths in formulating and manufacturing both flavour and essential oil solutions, Novotaste is a strong contender and the right choice to partner with in order to address specific needs in this segment.

NOVOsolutions for health & personal hygiene applications

Essential oils & extracts as natural flavour alternatives

Natural food-grade scents

Realistic tasting & natural fruit flavours

Recent trends