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NOVOsolutions for dairy

By July 8th, 2019No Comments

For the longest time, dairy has been a very important staple in households throughout the world. The dairy segment in the food and beverage industry has always undergone periods of unprecedented change over time. Whether it is the product-type or flavour profile, innovation is constantly present in this segment and Novotaste has always been a key innovative contributor.

Novotaste offers a wide range of flavour systems for all types dairy applications. Our flavourists have spent endless hours formulating sweet & savory flavour profiles that cover all the bases for traditional profiles along with new and trendy solutions.

Our dairy flavour technologies can be used to simply flavour dairy products but can also address many challenges and endeavors that developers face on a regular basis: ingredient cost in use reduction, dairy flavour enhancement, salt reduction, and complex flavours for indulgences.

NOVOsolutions for dairy

Essential oils & extracts as natural flavour alternatives

Typically Canadian Flavours

Butter & sweetness enhancers

Vanilla extract alternatives

Pumpkin-inspired flavours

Trendy savoury flavours

Recent dairy trends