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NOVOsolutions for chocolate

By October 1st, 2017No Comments

Chocolate is one of the most popular foods in the world. It is appreciated globally for its rich, distinct taste and for our pleasurable associations with it. It is just as successful in its plain form as it is when flavored. Chocolate pairings are limited only to the imagination. It is no surprise, then, that chocolate flavor is a staple of the food industry.

Novotaste has worked with chocolate manufacturers and confectioners throughout its history. This has allowed us to fully understand the challenges and opportunities of the industry. Depending on your need, we have your solution. Novotaste maintains a line of high quality flavors designed to pair with chocolate. Their profiles run the full gamut, from fruity to alcoholic and even savory, all of which can be easily adjusted to fit your profile.

Novotaste also has many successful chocolate enhancer systems that effectively reduce the need for chocolate, cocoa, sugar and milk. Although chocolate is incredibly rich and versatile, it can also be quite expensive, especially with recent jumps in cocoa bean prices. Our flavors can reduce sugar and fat requirements while upholding the complex profile of real chocolate and the perception of sweetness.

NOVOsolutions for chocolate

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