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Last Updated on March 24, 2021 by Novotaste

NOCA Founders see big opportunity to expand within boozy water segment as they double down on their current packages.

NOCA is releasing new flavors in April to complement their current bubble-free boozy water offerings

NOCA is hoping the taste of the drink and expanded flavor offerings will make it stand out and help the company gain even more market share in 2021

NOCA is a bubble-free boozy water brand that is pioneering a new category of refreshing beverages: hard seltzer without the bubbles. NOCA, which saw case growth of over 270% last year, is expanding distribution and launching new flavors and packages.

The NOCA brand, launched by three friends who attended the University of New Hampshire together, entered the category in early 2019 as hard seltzer retail sales surged. NOCA however, is notably different than that of a hard seltzer: NOCA stands for No Carbonation. Rich, Alex and Galen set out with the goal of disrupting the booze biz. They drank the hard seltzers but hated the bloat, burp, and burn from the bubbles. So, they created a bubble-free boozy water, currently, the only beverage of its kind.

NOCA will be launching a total of 5 new flavors: Pineapple, Cherry, Peach, Lime and Lemon. In addition to their current Mix Pack Volume 1 which includes Berry, Watermelon, Mango, and Lemon, the company will be releasing a Mix Pack Volume 2 package, which will include Pineapple, Cherry, Peach and Lime. NOCA will also be launching a tertiary package which will be a single flavor Berry 12 pack.

Source: NOCA Boozy Water Launching New Variety Pack and 5 New Flavors for Spring | Brewbound