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Following the launch of its recent collaboration with the Japanese animated series Neon Genesis EvangelionNissin will be releasing a new line of four of its Cup Noodles which melds two different flavors into one. The series is teased with a special crazy commercial to give a peek at the quirky offerings.

Originated in 1971, the well-known instant cup noodles brand will be celebrating its 50th anniversary with the release of four new flavors dubbed “Cup Noodle Super Combined” that utilizes a few of its standard existing flavors.

The first flavor of the lineup is called Siupoodle which is a combination of the Shio salt and original Cup Noodles which starts off with a peppery soup base mixed with smoked olive notes for Western type of flavor. Following up is the Searry variation that combines the seafood and curry flavors that fuses thick noodles with a mild seafood curry broth base topped with pork and vegetables.

The Tonso combines both the Tonkotsu pork bone broth and Miso flavors which unites three types of miso such as the wheat miso, red, miso and white miso. The pork bone soup is blended with ginger and garlic with a pack of spicy chili oil seasoning in case a little heat is preferred. The last flavor on the roster is the Cheechili Curmato which melds both the Chili Tomato and European Cheese Curry flavors that which comes with an extra pack of special cheese powder that contains parmesan, Emmental and gouda.

Look out for the new “Cup Noodle Super Combined” series which will be available nationwide in Japan starting September.

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Source: Nissin’s New ‘Cup Noodle Super Combined’ Series | HYPEBEAST