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May 2021 | Why food & beverage companies are designing extreme new flavors | Think Leftovers Taste Different? You’re Not Imagining It | WATERMELON never goes out of style | Nostalgia, novelty and health among top flavor trends | How sounds can influence our perception of taste | The surprising business advantage of training your sense of smell

April 21st | Recent flavor, beverage & food trends | Swiss scientists say poop is one of the essential tastes of chocolate | Keep up to date with bakery flavours | The order in which your senses interact with food has a tremendous impact on how much you like it | “Imprinting” Certain Smells During Infancy Change Adult Behavior

April 2021 | Nutty flavourscontaining NO ALLERGENS | Flavour from a new orange & onion hybrid is predicted to be the flavour of the year | Recent Flavour Trends

March 2021 | Novotaste 2021 flavour trend predictions proving true | Booming flavour trends: Appetite for adventure, global flavors inspire, botanical blends and curious combinations | Strawberries that smell so good they sell for $5/each | Sensory Science: The multisensory experience of wine | Ancient humans who could smell more complex aromas gained advantage over rivals, new book claims

February 2021 | Creativity & decadence at the core of dessert trends | “Ice Cream for Breakfast” flavors | Monin Announces 2021 Flavor of the Year

January 2021 | Predicting post-pandemic flavor trends | Gourmet vinegars can add flavour to salads, mains, desserts—and even in mocktails | RECENT FLAVOUR TRENDS

December 2020 | 2021 Flavour Trends  – A Comprehensive Overview

November 2020 | Brandy, cognac, whisky and bourbon inspired flavours for various applications | Trendy flavours for Christmas | Trendy flavours for Christmas

October 2020 | How to make your products taste & smell like authentic gin | Pizza flavoured beer | Recent flavour, beverage & food trends | Interesting food science | Using DNA to customize flavors | Batteries made with vanilla |  Why some people can’t smell stinky fish | Food 3D printing

September 2020 | Unique flavor combinations that elevate drinks and thrill consumers | This pumpkin spice trend has officially gone too far | A Flavor Expert Picks The Next Hot Food Trends | Why Eating Too Much Black Licorice Can Kill You | Turkey Dinner flavoured candy corn

September 2020 | Phở – Vietnam’s most popular flavour | Giant chicken nugget & doughnut hybrid called a ‘Donug’ | How does a crop’s environment shape a food’s smell and taste? | A digital ‘nose’ could make your coffee smell better and improve your cooking | Music masks the taste and flavour of coffee

September 2020 | Candle Scents: From weird to trendy | Secret flavours that will get your dog salivating |Recent chocolate innovations, including vegetable inclusions & trendy flavours | 2021 Flavor Trends: A complete guide

August 2020 | Multisensory musical ice cream | Pumpkin Spice Scented Face Masks | Why we eat more while watching TV | Why some people become ‘super smellers’

August 2020 | The limitless world of ice cream flavours | Rise in fruit and vegetable ingredients for NPD | Recent flavour, food & beverage trends

July 2020 | 5 flavour & ingredient trends impacting the 2020 beverage industry | Putting A Pickle In Cheap Light Beer Makes It Taste Better

July 2020 | The flavour of the mysterious & distinct Peruvian golden berry | Blue raspberry + golden berry flavour? | Ketchup, BBQ, mayonnaise or salad dressing flavoured ice cream?

June 2020 | Blueberry-inspired flavours to celebrate St-Jean Baptiste Day | Quebec lumberjack flavour?

June 2020 | What is the most popular ice cream flavour? | Lexical-gustatory synaesthesia: speech sounds induce an involuntary sensation of taste

May 2020 | Taste Any Food Without Putting It Into Your Mouth | New Trends In Coffee | Why Candles Are Beneficial When Working from Home

May 2020 | Flavour Ideas inspired by recent international food, beverage & flavour trends

April 2020 | Garam masala adds a blast of rich, savoury flavour to any dish…beverage, confection…?

April 2020 | Novotaste’s message amid the COVID-19 pandemic and notification of continuing operations

March 2020 | BLUE Is TRENDING | Flavoured & Coloured Foods

February 2020 | The Mysterious Popularity Of Birthday Cake Flavour

February 2020 | SCIENCE CONFIRMS that smelling rose improves quality of learning and sleep

January 2020 | The Best January 2020 Flavour, Food & Beverage Trends

January 2020 | Flavour Illusions

December 2019 | Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

November 2019 (2) | A Comprehensive Overview of 2020 Flavor Trends

November 2019 | Trendy, Deconstructed & Reformulated Christmas Flavour Favourites

October 2019 (3) | Halloween-inspired flavours

October 2019 (2) | Discover the taste of the novo hot pepper

October 2019 | Saffron flavour pairings

September 2019 (3) | Sneak-peak at 2020 flavour trends