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New Kensington’s Patti Mazza Bieranowski has been pinching up a pierogi storm since 1984. Her homemade pierogies are sold and gifted to friends and family. More than 20 flavors are offered. including shepherd’s pie, buffalo chicken, kielbie kraut, sweet kraut, loaded baked potato and cottage cheese with chives.

A New Kensington woman has been making homemade pierogi since 1984.

Her passion for pierogi provides a nonfood related perk, too.

Originally from Tarentum, Bieranowski suffered a spinal cord injury playing softball at Wolf Pak Park in Lower Burrell when she was 19 years old.

A hit in the back of her neck by a softball left Bieranowski with permanent nerve damage to her right hand and arm.

She endures chronic pain. So she makes and handles the dough with the aid of a mixer and a marble rolling pin and pinches the dough with a fork.

“I do this as therapy,” said Bieranowski, who had to resign from her job as a medical biller because of chronic pain. “I used to do everything by hand, but now I have to use kitchen tools and appliances for assistance.”

Bieranowski had never tasted homemade pierogies until she married into the family.

“I always ate store bought,” she said.

Her late Polish mother-in-law, Cecelia Rzeczkowski Bieranowski, set her on a pierogi path.

“She was from Natrona and made them every Christmas,” Bieranowski said. “I loved her pierogies, so she taught me.”

“Not many people carry on traditions, but I love it. She taught me how to make one kind — dry cottage cheese and chives — and I’ve added all of the different kinds since then.”

Prices per dozen range from $8.75 to $11.

Bieranowski boils her pierogies before delivery. She recommends pan or deep frying or baking as the preferred cooking methods.

Dave Ludwig, 56, of Harrison said compared to store-bought pierogies, Bieranowski’s product are larger and have unique fillings.

“They’re homemade and stuffed with all the right stuff and have customized flavors,” Ludwig said. “I like the shepherd’s pie and jalapeno ones. I fry them in butter and onions.”

Other fillings include pepperoni, bacon, spinach, garlic and parmesan, lekvar (prune), cheesesteak, Patti’s pepper poppers and apple, cinnamon and sugar.

To inquire about pierogies message or find Patti Mazza Bieranowski on Facebook.

Source: New Kensington woman takes traditional pierogi further, offering 20 flavors |